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What Type of Online Business Do You Want to Launch?

Key Takeaways;

  • Online business provided a big chance with global access and less costs in recent years.
  • the purpose of online service is to provide services and do things quickly without the need for a person to be present on site.
  • online businesses divided in two categories, working as an owner of dedicated website and the other as an expert or freelancer for the other websites.
  • What type of business can suits you best? we are giving you some ideas that can help you to choose wisely.

Entrepreneurship and starting a new business is one of the most valuable and influential things we can do in our lifetime. Everyone has thought about starting a business for themselves at least once. There are many reasons why everyone likes to start an independent business, but still, very few people do so compared to the population of a community. 

Human beings basically have an independent and ambitious nature. That is why they do not like to work for others so that they are not commanded and forbidden, and they prefer to have an independent business for themselves. On the other hand, seeking fame and wealth are other factors in people's tendency to start a business for their own.

Why online businesses?

In recent years, with the increasing advancement of information and communication technologies, many interactions in the real world have been transferred to the virtual world. These technologies' main feature is the so-called compression of time and space, which removes many geographical and temporal constraints in the physical world.

As we are currently seeing an increase in the unemployment rate, one way to create jobs and reduce unemployment can be to make the Internet business more critical, even if you are an employee and have a steady income.

There are other reasons why online services are growing rapidly:

global access, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Isn't it so cool you do not have to travel to other countries to sit in a class to learn something? You take classes sitting on your chair at your own house.

Waking up so early in the morning, you can buy something or ask for a service online; nobody can tell you anything.

  • It provides a big chance for people

We may not have seen the growth of online businesses and the spread of online shopping culture in this way in any period since the introduction of these kinds of technologies, where even the most traditional people buy from Instagram, Telegram, and various sites, and their level of trust has increased significantly.

  • It costs less

Many online businesses can be launched at home and cost less in comparison to the traditional businesses. For example, to set up an online shopping market, you will not need to mortgage and rent a store (as you do in traditional business), and for a lower cost, you can experience an increase in your customers and sales through the site.

  • online business does not require a large capital, degree, or even age limitations to start

Like all types of entrepreneurship, starting an online business providing people with various services makes you independent. It is so easy to start earning money from the internet that you can create your own business without any formalities such as a degree. Your most important asset in this work is your thought and talent. Your success's speed also depends on your desire to make money and the methods you find to survive in your market.

  • Freedom!

This is the only job that allows you to increase your income as much as you want and your success in this job depends only on your motivation and effort.

You are free to work from home or even by the sea! You do not need to get stuck in heavy traffic going to work every day.

Besides, you can have a flexible lifestyle. One day you decide to move to another town, you take your family with you and nothing is left to worry about. You are moving your business with you wherever you go, and this is one of the advantages of having an online business.

  • It can be the best side income for you

It does not matter what you are busy doing now. You can have the income from selling your online services, which does not face any limitations if you take the basic steps carefully.

What types of online business are there?

It is important to know the types of internet businesses. If you start an internet business without having a purpose and enough information, you are wasting a lot of money and time for nothing.

Here we are introducing you to different types of internet businesses to prevent you from wasting your energy and provide you with complete knowledge to walk in the right direction.

Online businesses are generally divided into two categories:

  • First, an Internet Business Started by us using a dedicated website that we have started for ourselves, we start doing business in the field of earning money through the internet or any Internet business.
  • Second, working as an expert force with other similar sites, in person or freelancing.

There are several types of online businesses to know:

1. Internet business by selling physical products

This is probably the most well-known internet business model for you. As an example, housewives who are interested in making colorful candles can have a website with their special theme and function to sell their handmade candles.

Or the selling can be done through social media, like Instagram.

2. Freelance

This model is more of an internet monetization than an Internet business. Here you introduce yourself to intermediary sites such as Poonisha and similar sites to earn money by accepting the projects based on your skills.

Freelancers are not considered "employees" by the companies they work for but rather "contractors."

Freelancers do jobs like:

  • Development and designing.
  • Teaching and Tutoring.
  • Freelance Writing and Copywriting.
  • Creative Design.
  • Sales and Marketing.
  • Graphic Designing.
  • Mobile App Development.
  • Others.

3. Starting an Internet business based on selling educational products

This type of business is tailored for those who want to make money out of their skills, interests, and expertise, and it is interesting to know that this type of business is overgrowing. If you love teaching and learning, this is just for you.

When you provide people with knowledge and skills, you are providing people with the services they value.

If you feel easy in front of a camera recording you while you are speaking, make some tutorial videos and upload them where you can sell them.

4. Offering services by selling other people's goods

Online shopping markets like Amazon is a big virtual shopping mall where you can find everything to buy. The same is being done by Digikala, which offers the same services but with some differences which is called Intermediary business.

5. Selling unique services and consulting

This type of business is suitable for those who have expertise and experience in a particular field, and want to make money by selling it. If you have knowledge and skills in a specific field, you can turn it into wealth with the help of the internet, build your personal brand, and have customers from all over the world.

6. Selling advertisements

One of the most well-known ways to earn money is through advertising (which most people hate!), on TV, the Internet, and social media. You do it by producing very attractive content, so that you are able to attract the customer to your site and Instagram page, and through this, you introduce and sell your products or services.

But you have to keep that in mind that this will lead to a lot of success as long as you have new and interesting advertising ideas.

So far, we have mentioned a few types of online businesses, but now we are going to see the types of online services. Maybe the business we are looking to start is providing our potential customers with online services.

What are the types of online services?

Online services are actually the interaction between the provider and the recipient of services offered through the internet.

These types of services are two-way services that are provided through the web platform, and their purpose is to provide services and do things quickly without the need for a person to be present on site.

On the other hand, it is not dependent on place and time, and the more systems that are actively working to provide the right service, the customer satisfaction increases.

According to, some types of Internet services are divided into the following sections, which are:

  • Communication

Email, instant messaging, message boards, online conferencing, blogs, micro-blogging e.g., Twitter, newsgroups, chat, e-communities, social networking.

  • Real-Time Information

Train timetables, news services, traffic reports, weather, health, and many more.

  • Commerce

Shopping, banking (You can provide your customers with the Electronic banking services such as invoice viewing, facility installments payment, money transfer, account balance viewing and so on.) , and also auctions.

  • Education 

You can offer educational services such as VLEs, online learning, school websites, school league tables, online revision, simulations, online teaching.

  • Entertainment

Video conferencing, collaborative working, business networks, and so on.

  • Download services

It includes Software, upgrades, music, film, and some more.

  • Web storage

 Google docs, DropBox

  • Online mapping and route planning

Google maps, AA Route plannerRAC route planner

  • Government

Online tax returns, e-voting, applications for services (e.g. university entry, business incorporations, land registration), revenue collection, health services like NHS Direct.

You can also try these:

  • Online support

Online chat allows customers to present their issues and concerns in writing and live.

  • Buying tickets

Other types of internet services include booking and buying travel and airline tickets, train and bus tickets, tourist tours, cinema tickets, theaters, zoo, etc.

  • Pay bills

Electronic receipt and payment of bills such as landline, mobile, water, electricity and gas.

  • Online registration

This one includes electronic registration of various entrance exams, schools, and employment tests of companies and organizations.

  • Business 

Services like Logo design, Web Design, Business card and letterhead design, etc.

  • Telephone and PBX

The services can be troubleshooting and repairing wireless phones, troubleshooting and repairing wired phones, PBX troubleshooting, Central system support, Upgrade central system, Troubleshoot sound noise, Telephone, and PBX wiring, etc.

  • Repair office machines

You can launch an online service to repair:

1. Office and home scanner

2. Barcode reader

3. Fingerprint scanner

4. Handheld scanner

5. Machines multifunction devices

6. Telephones and fax machines

7. Printers

8. Others.

  • Digital services

In this type of service, you solve the issue related to your customers' computers, laptops, and internet.

You can help them with:

1. Mobile phone and tablet repairs

2. Repair all brands of laptops

3. Install Windows and its drivers

4. Virus detection and antivirus installation

5. Office and other specialized software installation

6. Install a variety of games

7. Network installation and maintenance

8. Backup and recovery

9. Modem rooters and internet connection

10. Design and graphics

11. Others.

Having the things mentioned above in mind will give you the insight to have more reasonable decision-making when it comes to choosing what business best suits you and your interests.

How to know what business is best for you to launch?

When it comes to choosing between many options, people usually get hesitant. Launching a new business brings you responsibility as it is like having a child; you are responsible for feeding it, and it hurts your brain sometimes.

This is not actually what you do once, and let it make profits for you when you do not do anything to develop it. There are so many factors that a successful business can be dependent on, but before them, there is a difficult question to ask yourself, "What type of business can suits you best? Or what can satisfy you?"

Here are some tips for you:

1. Make a list of ideas

The first step you need to take is to clarify what you are interested in, as many people just start their own businesses to do what they love.

It is a simple job, has a piece of paper, and writes down whatever comes to your head as an idea.

2. Make a list of your skills and proficiencies

After having your list of interests completed, it is time to identify what you can offer to the world: what you are good at or even what you love to do. Are the things you are good at marketable? Think about how you can make money out of them?

People are more likely to ask you for the things that they are not good at themselves.

Make sure to take some time before you start your business, thinking about what is not included in your list to add them.

3. Get to know your personality

What are your weaknesses and strengths when experiencing hard times?

Regardless of how big your business is going to be, running a business is a risky job in which you cannot make a lot of mistakes to learn and still expect to see its good days.

Try to find solutions to the potential issue you will face along the way.

For this, you can ask your friends and family to talk about you and tell you what you need to work on.

You also need to know what you like most about your current job or situation.

Think of it! How much commitment do you want to devote to your business? Can you invest? How optimism you think you are? What are your risk management strategies?

4. Get educated

Have you ever read a book about a  start-up or how online markets offer services? Not all people have enough education and knowledge about launching a business; maybe you need to take some classes to learn more about what you are about to start doing.

Make you get enough knowledge of partnerships and LLCs, and you will need them soon.

There are many business courses and online start-ups to advise and direct you to the right path.

5. Last but not least!

If we can make just one suggestion, it would be about choosing your suitable business model.

From all the things mentioned above, which one looks better for you?

Is it a sole proprietorship? Well, good news! This is the best thing you can do because t's easy and inexpensive to form.

After learning about retails, and hearing all the bits of advice, and making a great plan for your business, it's time to launch it and constantly take care of it.

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