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iCliniq; The Virtual Hospital

Consult a doctor anytime, anywhere

by phone call, query,chat, and video call

Another key player in the online medical market

The online medical market is growing so fast. Nowadays, more startups are willing to participate in telemedicine and telehealth. Moreover, during the Covid-19 pandemic, the market has been on the rise since the physical presence wasn’t possible.

India is one of the leading countries in the virtual medical industry. Many great startups are participating in this market.

In this article, we are going to talk about another prime leader in the market: iCliniq

What is iCliniq?  

iCliniq is a telehealth platform that connects doctors with patients across 196 countries. This SaaS platform provides various channels such as video chat, phone call, and query to connect users with physicians.

iCliniq has been rated among the top five world’s best telemedicine portals by Healthline and Investopedia.Their doctor panel consists of more than 3500 of the best physicians, medical practitioners, and therapists from US, UK, India, Singapore, Germany, etc.

They offer health care services in a variety of areas, namely,

-      Vascular surgery

-      Child health, sexology

-      Radiology

-      Dentistry

-      Radiotherapy

-      Speech Therapist

-      General Practitioner

-      Surgery oncology  

-      Pain medicine

-      Clinical genetics

-      Childbirth educator

And it continues

What are the features of iCliniq?

The most valuable features of iCliniq that make it stand out in the market are its diverse connectivity method and high-quality medical services.

There are several methods when it comes to talking to a physician and asking a bunch of questions. The most popular one that is mainly used in virtual medical help is through an online portal where you can write your question in a text format or have a conversation via telephone.

iCliniq takes a step further and supports interactions through various platforms such as Telegram and Slack. Therefore,you can connect with your desirable doctor using phone calls, chat, video calls,and queries.

You can also upload images of radiology or pathology along with your text message and ask anything about your health status.

The most interesting feature of iCliniq is called Symptom Checker.

Not everyone may be able to notice their symptoms without talking to a doctor beforehand. In this case,patients can use the Symptom Checker to help the doctor find out the problem.

At first, you provide age and gender, and then there is a body shape where you should click on the body part that has an issue. After that, related symptoms appear, and you need to click on the positive symptoms to submit your condition to the iCliniq physician.

How does iCliniq make money?

The primary source of revenue for iCliniq is doctor consultation fees. Although the first query is entirely free to try out the platform, the next ones will be charged accordingly.

If you want to have a chat with your selected doctor, the prices start from $19.99 for each inquiry, and for a phone or video call prices the price increases to $29.99. Using monthly or yearly services will be more affordable.

Who are the founders of iCliniq?

Dhruv Suyamprakasam is the current CEO and founder of iCliniq. There is an interesting story behind the idea of this world-famous platform. Dhruv was on a trip to Dubai, where he had an issue with his knee. He realized there is no convenient way to receive medical care without travel insurance.

Finally, he used telemedicine tobe healthy again. And then he started iCliniq in 2010.

At first, it was a domestic telemedicine platform based in India. Due to the dramatic growth of iCliniq,now it has more than 3500 doctors on over 80 specialties located in 190 countries.

They receive more than 600 queries daily.

iCliniq mission is to create a platform that is effortlessly accessible and reliable for both doctors and patients. They have been working so hard to provide high-standard medical services most efficiently.

iCliniq is one of the key players in online medical health and aims to become the best platform globally.

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