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How to Start an Online Learning Institution (Full Guide)

In today's world, more and more teachers and students are adopting online solutions. Here's a short guide on how to start an online institution.

Key Takeaways

  • Building an online learning institution falls into 8 steps.
  • Virtual learning instituition requires specific features.
  • Having a user-friendly website is a major factor in the longevity of your business.
  • You need to have a consistent marketing strategy to be successful.

Starting an online learning institution can be a challenging but exciting journey for beginners. If you are running a learning institution in any fields with some teachers and students, or an entrepreneur who wants to influence people by giving the opportunity to learn more online in any places and anytime, all from scratch, this article is right for you to learn how to start your online learning institution.

Nowadays, online learning becomes more widespread and offering an easy way to learn any skill fields; due to our new conditions of covid19-pandemic, people are looking for the best and safest way to learn skills, and this is a great chance to build your online presence.
Especially if you have a learning institution, it’s time to switch your business online, give your teachers a platform to be seen more and get potential learners and income.

Education is a permanent gift to give and receive, regardless if you are called a student or teacher, this is a great time to make it happen.


Build your online learning institution in 8 steps

Imagine you are the owner of a language learning institution, and some teachers who are teaching English, Spanish, French, Italian work in your institution. How can you scale your business?
Well, building an online presence with a professional website including profile management for your teachers or employees will exhibit your unique strengths, establish your authority status and brings excellent sale.

1. Choose your brand identity
2. Get the user-friendly website design
3. Create informative contents about your online learning services
4. Customize your teachers and learners profile pages
5. Choose your target audience
6. Use the right marketing strategy
7. Make the best call to action
8. Legitimize your business

Start Frizi in Free Trial

Frizi Free trial will give you enough time to build an online presence for your learning institution, get ready to launch if you follow these steps, and keep shinning better and better.

1. Choose your brand identity

To begin this journey, choose the best name that can describe your services in the best way. Create a logo that can tell your business story to the world. Make everything ready to jump and take the next step.

2. Get the user-friendly website design

As a learning institution owner, it’s essential to imagine and consider your user experience journey in your mind. Besides focusing on eye-catching design, consider how your users or, better to say, learners will enjoy using your website.

How much they can feel at home on your website and get things that have on their mind done fast and clear. So, make sure that complexity and simplicity will be on balance, so your learner finds it easy to catch.

Speed up the process, use Frizi as one of the best website builders for learning institutions and online services, save your time and energy by not design and build anything from scratch. Your user-friendly institution is here for you!

3. Create informative contents about your online learning services

Content is your business tongue that speaks to its audience. make sure you prepare the best content that, if each of your learners visits your website and start reading, will notice your target, purposes, and values.

Create contents that give solution and tips to your learners so they can find your website a platform which will stick in their mind whenever they want to learn a new skill or develop their knowledge, comes straight to your website.

Your landing page content should be a real enough guide to make users understand your offering in a blink of an eye.

You can also create content about your teachers and introduce them thoroughly, so they can be free to choose from given information.

4. Customize your teachers and learners profile pages

This feature is the place that has the highest direct interactions with each other. Therefore, it’s essential to make profiles convenient and provide all the necessary information. 

Students can visit every teacher’s profile and gain essential information like background, resume, personal contact, skills, or timeline is provided for students to have a better consideration. 

Also, students have access to their dashboard. So they can write about their skills, expectations, and any other information that is good to know for their teachers.

In Frizi, you can have customized profile pages to help you boost your user’s interactions and engagements.

5. Choose your target audience

Based on your offering, you should find, choose, and determine the right and related target audience.

As we are discussing online learning institutions, our target audiences are teachers and students. Regarding the example we just mentioned, if this is an online language learning institution, your target audiences are looking to learn a new language, practice a specific language, or loyal learners who follow up with their teacher. 

6. Use the right marketing strategy

For having the best influence, choose the right marketing strategy. Think about channels that can promote your online institution to people.

 Suppose you had a learning institution before and you decided to switch your business online. In that case, you might have learners that are waiting for your significant change. Make them aware of your website, and persuade them to continue their learning journey with you online.

But if you are building all from the beginning or looking for new learners that don’t know you well, use marketing tools like google analytics, social media, SEO, and content marketing so they can find you better.

Frizi will help you to have a better adventure with ease difficulties for your marketing achievement. Take your marketing and content steps with us!

 7. Make the best call to action for your learners

For each content, whether it’s on your blog or website, you should give the option for learners and teachers to get more in touch with your services.

So they can review more to decide to register on your website as a learner who wants to learn new skills from your teachers or as a teacher who likes to join your institution community.

Call to actions can lead your audience to read more, register, or buy. You can also put some buttons that ask them to share information on their social media like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, or follow up your announcement, news, and informative videos and contents on your social media. 

8. Legitimize your online learning institution

Since every business needs to build credibility and trust, it’s good to give your audience real vibes to get to know you better by providing real photos or videos of your institution, team, or employees.  

Highlight “about us” information, share your idea story, achievements, prizes, and promises that are important for your business to keep.  

Remember, one of the crucial parts of every professional website is your business contact information. Make them clear and easy to be in touch with.

Ask your audience, learners or teachers, to share their feedback, ideas, or expectation to provide better services and gain better trust.

Some important features for your online learning institution: (consider them on your website):

  • Log-in/sign-up functionality 
  • User profiles (including learners and teachers)
  • Tracking dashboard
  • Messaging, calls, online conferences accessibility 
  • Access to admin panel
  • Blog content 
  • Payment system
  • Reviews / feedback / subscription 
Frizi is a website builder that helps you start your online business, whether it’s a learning institution or any other online business, prepares you with all these mentioned features to take small steps toward your big success.

In conclusion

As we can see, online learning opportunities are getting better and better. What your entrepreneurial spirit is waiting for?
I hope you enjoy this article and remember these steps to embark on your new journey as soon as possible.
Don’t hesitate and start your online learning institution Now!

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