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CryptoConsultant; Canada’s 1st Bitcoin Consulting Company

You may have heard of digital currency, also known as cryptocurrency—a new way of exchanging money that has seen dramatic growth in the last decade. Cryptocurrency has caused an uproar in the media, and many businesses view it as a viable investment source.

The first most popular cryptocurrency is called Bitcoin, which was created in 2009. It is interesting to know that Bitcoin was first valued at$0.08. Nowadays, more than 200,000 Bitcoin transactions occur every day with a value of more than $40,000. Bitcoin price has increased nearly %1100 over the last year.

It is estimated that we have more than 2500 cryptocurrencies in the market. However, the most famous ones that are hugely exchanged include Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dash, Tron, Zcash, etc.

Blockchain, the technology behind cryptocurrencies, has been developing during these years. According to the World Economic Forum, 10% of global GDP will be stored on blockchain technology by 2027.

Many financial experts have talked about the advantages and disadvantages of digital currencies. Some critics believe that cryptocurrencies are not going to last for a long time since they are decentralized.  

While others, like venture capitalist Marc Andreessen, said it is the next Internet.

Despite the opposition to this innovation, there has been a dramatic development rate in digital currency exchange and blockchain consulting. This new market's entry is paving the way for a new world of specialized and technical innovations leading to many opportunities for startups and entrepreneurship.  

The overall cryptocurrency market is valued at $856.36 Billion.You can see that more and more VCs are investing in blockchain and cryptocurrency startups in the following chart.  




In this article, we talk about one of the best market opportunities in the blockchain industry; Cryptocurrency consulting firms

What is CryptoConsultant?

CryptoConsultant is the 1stBitcoin consulting company that offers a wide range of specialized services in the digital currency and blockchain industry. The services are varied, so we explain a number of them below.

-       Blockchain and coin creation

They guide you through every stage of your blockchain startup, from the conception of an idea to implementation.  

-       Exchanges

They help you launch your own exchange, along with informing you about specific regulations.

-       Tokenization

They guide you through launching your own Security Token, Equity Token, and Utility Token Offering.

-       Business development

From choosing the target market and implementing business ideas to efficient business modeling, CryptoConsultant is there for you.

-       Digital wallets

They can assist you in creating and launching your own digital wallet.

-       Storage and security

From handling blockchain and digital assets to leading security innovations, CryptoConsultant has the experience to guide you.


Who is the founder of CryptoConsultant?

Two financial and technical experts found CryptoConsultant with decades of experience in finance and wealth management.

Jason Cassidy is the co-founder and president of this consulting company. He has over fifteen years of experience in managing various software technologies and being involved in cryptocurrency since 2012.

Jason believed in free and honest money, and that drives him to establish CryptoConsultant.

James Gonzalez is another co-founder and chief executive officer as well. His wide range of experience in many fields,including consulting, property management, and the insurance industry, has led him to provide a strategic foundation for CryptoConsultant.

He has been an active participant in the blockchain ecosystem since 2012.

Other crypto and blockchain consulting firms

There are several great startups in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry. To name a few,

·      HashCash Consultants

·      iMiBlockchain

·      Alpha Point

·      ConsenSys

·      MLG Blockchain


In this section, we discuss the services offered by service providers in this industry.

What crypto and blockchain consulting businesses actually do?

Besides offering services related to exchanges, new service businesses in the industry of digital currency have emerged. They provide a wide range of services such as,

-       Crypto Consulting

Blockchain firms have broad experience in this industry. So, they can guide you in different aspects of digital currencies.

-       ICO (initial coin offering)

If you are looking to create a new coin, app, or service, you can use ICOas a new fundraising method. In this way, investors can receive a new cryptocurrency token issued by your company. To make your coin popular, you need to run ICO campaigns to find supporters for your project.

If you would like to know more about ICO, make sure you read the Investopedia article about initial coin offering.

-       Post-ICO services

Once your crypto project is running, your business needs to run itself as a legally compliant company. You need to hire and pay for your team members and keep the business growing. Blockchain firms will help you through the post-ICO stages.

-       Marketing and PR

The most common service offered by many crypto consulting firms is marketing and PR. Suppose you want to be successful in the blockchain industry.In that case, you need to attract enough people to your platform who believe in your project. And the best way to do that is a powerful marketing strategy.

-       Navigating the Regulatory Minefield

As the blockchain and crypto industry is evolving, new roles are emerging. One of the services that are offered by many crypto businesses is legal and regulatory compliance. These services include legal jurisdictions landscape analysis, legal agreement creation, document evaluation, etc.

-       Technical services

If you have an innovative idea for a blockchain solution but don't know howto develop it, blockchain consulting firms employ specialists who understand your programming languages. They can help you with creating a customized solution or an existing platform.

Other services that are offered by blockchain consulting businesses are as follows,

-       Hedge Funds

-       Blockchain startups

-       Crypto Exchanges

-       Knowledge and education

-       Crowdfunding for existing companies


Crypto and blockchain consulting may be a new role, but the market is undoubtedly growing so fast. Suppose you are willing to share your knowledge and experience with suitable audiences and get paid for it. In that case, Frizi is here to help you.

You can start your online crypto and blockchain consulting business so fast with the best features specially tailored for your consulting firm.    

In this way, you are able to guide your clients toward successful, compliant cryptocurrency transactions.

If you would like to know more about Frizi and its packages, take a look at our home page.

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