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Outschool Learning Platform


Outschool, need for education and fun learning experience

Today, education matters and learning only happens when it is interactive, motivating, self-directed, and fun.

As the Coronavirus pandemic spreads all over the world, more people are asked to stay home. Along with the changes that are happening in the worldtoday, the traditional brick and mortar places, including schools are less bolded than before. More people spend a lot of money and time to find onlineclasses that can meet the educational purposes of their children.

But, if you haven’t heard about Outs chool here’s what you can learnabout it.


What is Outschool?

Outschool, Inc. was founded in 2015 in SanFrannisco, California and has been growing rapidly. It was launched in 2017 as a marketplace of live classes for everyone where teachers and learners are connected over the Internet as the small-group classrooms provide the chance for students to join from all over the world.

Outschool offers teachers creativity, autonomy and flexibility on its platform, and it inspires the children of all ages to love learning. It also offers more than 100,000 live online classes today, andall learners are free to take subjects like language, reading, science, math, and many more.

Families use Outschool's classes to accelerate their kids' learning, catch them up in core subjects, or to pursue interests in subjects that are not typically offered in regular school which is a good opportunity for the whole system too.

The total amount of funding is estimated over$55M since 11 investors are supporting the platform. Outschool is actively using33 technologies for its website, according to BuiltWith. These include Viewport Meta, IPhone / Mobile Compatible, and LetsEncrypt.


Who are the founders of Outschool?

The founders of Outschool are Amir Nathoo, Mikhail Seregine, and Nick Grandy as a co-founder, and there are two board members and advisors in Outschool team Alex Taussig(since Aug 2020) and Jennifer Carolan.

Amir Nathoo CEO of Outschool and he has led development of Square Payroll and alsoserved as CEO and co-founder of He holds an MEng in Electrical and Information Sciences from The University of Cambridge.

Mikhail Seregine is the Co-Founder of Outschool. He lead sengineering and design. He's previously worked to design and build Google Consumer Surveys, Social Gold payment services, and Amazon's Mechanical Turk. Mikhail holds a BS in Computer Science from Stanford.

Nick Grandy is the Co-Founder of Outschool. He leads product and support. He was previously product manager at Clever, first engineer at Airbnb and worked as a high school physics teacher in Brooklyn. Nickholds an AB in Astronomy from Harvard and an MSc in Computer Science from Oxford.

(Information provided about the founders team of Outschool is driven from their profiles)


 What is the Class content policy of Outschool?

According to Outschool website, the values and purposes of the company is listed bellow:

1. Classes should be secular:

  • Do not promote a specific religion or religious point of view.
  • Present facts, ideas, and theories that are grounded in science and accepted by the preponderance of experts in a field.


2. Classes should be objective and accurate:

·Classes should be based on fact and evidence.

·Present classes using an unbiased perspective, to the extent possible.  

·Acknowledge and present multiple viewpoints that exist on many social, political, and historical issues.

· Do not use classes as a soapbox for personal viewpoints.


3. Classes should be age-appropriate:

  • Material that may be disturbing to young children should be highlighted in the class description
  • Material that may be objectionable to parents should be made clear -for example, topics are violent or sexual in nature, or that touch on sensitive political     questions.


4. For topics that may be considered pseudoscience or supernatural in nature, material should be presented from a scientific and secular perspective.


5. Role-playing scenarios are NOT allowed.

 6. Avoid sensitive or higher-risk topics



How Outschool makes money?


·        Outschool makes money in two ways:


1. Class fees
2. Investors and start-up supporters


Ø  Class fees:


The company keeps 30% of class fees that reduces the amount instructors are paid for, seven days after they start a class,and this amount is something about 70% of class fees.

During the Coronavirus pandemic the online education startup Outschool raised $45 Million.


Ø  Investors and start-up supporters


Outschool is funded by 11 investor. SV Angel and ReachCapital are the most recent investors. Outschool has a post-money valuation in the range of $100 million to $500 million as of Sep 21, 2020,according to PrivCo.



What things are needed for teaching on Outschool?


If you are preparing yourself to work as an instructor on Outschool, all you need to know is:


·        An expertise and/or passion for the things you are going to base your classes around

·        Good command of spoken and written English

·        Know the tech skills (how to run an online platform)

·        Identified verification

·        Full-time residency in the U.S. or Canada

·        Stable and reliable Internet


You will not need any teaching degree.


If we do not have a certificate but are expert at something, we can start working as an instructor on Outschool. The business model is to take a service fee each time a learner enrolls and the section payouts are sent to teachers using PayPal. The amount they sent teachers is something around 0.7 * the number of students attending the classes.



What subjects can instructors teach on Outschool?


When it comes to choose what to teach, then umber of subjects is so flexible for teachers. But in general, the classes fall into one of the 10 categories bellow:

·        Arts

·        Coding & Tech

·        English

·        Health & Wellness

·        Life Skills

·        Math

·        Music

·        Science & Nature

·        Social studies

·        World languages


They are just ideas and are way more varied, the source is Outschool review.


What are the advantages of teaching online with Outschool?


The things that make teaching with Outschool appealing are:


·        As an instructor you are free to set your time, hold your classes whenever you are able to.

·        There is a huge potential for money-making. Depending on how much children love you and the subject you are teaching, your classes fill up fast and you can run multiple classes all year-round, so that the amount you are paid with would increase too.

·        You are not actually required to be a certified teacher and/or having previous teaching experience. But we suggest you to take some time studying on your own subject and look for more creative ways to create a fun cheerful classroom. Invest on your potentials and it will soon return.

·        Nothing is better than doing something we love. The purpose of Outschool is to help teachers and learners create a real love for learning.


How can we start working on Outschool?


The steps we have to take in order to be a teacher on Outschool are:


1. Inform Outschool your willingness to join their team as a teacher.

2. You will need a public teacher profile, so that learners can have access to you.

3. Create your first course


After your application form is sent, Outschool reviews your bio and will inform you about the results.

The next step is the back ground check which is free and will be done with no waste of time.


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