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Start Your Online Service Business Now.

Frizi is the all-in-one website and marketing solution for starting an online service business. If you already have an offline service business (like a learning institution) or you have the passion for creating a fresh one, Frizi is there for you.

Why Frizi?

It's highly Profitable and Scalable.

Owning a business, if appropriately managed, brings much more revenue than working for others. (To see a simple revenue calculation, click here.)

It's super fast.

Using Frizi, you can start your business from scratch within a week. Also, you can scale very fast because of the product capabilities we give you.

Own a Unique Website.

Promote Your Business by receiving a personalized website of your own from Frizi with all necessary features with zero programming knowledge.

We are with you on all steps.

Our experts help you build the best website with Frizi and all the side activities like managing your design, social media, and marketing activities to get more clients. 

Get Marketing and Design help.

Marketing and design are essential factors for having a successful online business. Frizi team will help you in this journey.

Start for free.

Are you still having doubts about using Frizi? It's a big decision, and we know that. You can try it for free for the first month.  
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We are by your side with every step you take!

Service provider profile management
All of your service providers at once, with their resume and skills and areas of expertise.
Booking Process
The complete booking process, from the customer comparing and selecting the service providers to payment and calendar syncing.
Payment Integration
Users can pay you in many ways. From Visa card to PayPal; we give you the most suitable solution.
Calendar Synchronization
Both for your service providers and clients, we add the booked meetings into their calendar.
Customer Profile Management
Your service providers can see the detailed information about their customers through their dashboard.
Business Monitoring Tools
We provide you with the needed tools to view and analyze the data of your business, your customers, service providers and to check the quality of your website, realtime.
Customized UI Theme
We give you the UI and Website theme that matches your business's culture.     
Domain Registeration
We build your website on any domain that you want. We also help you with registering it.
Revenue Calculation

Let's Talk Numbers!

OK. Let's say in one year from founding your business you have:
Service Providers
Average Daily Session Per Service Provider
Average Session Cost
Your Commission
You will have $1000 net revenue per day! This means more than:
In Annual Revenue
Start your online business now. How?

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Which businesses can use Frizi?
Frizi is suitable for any business that is related to consultancy or education. From law firms to real state agencies, from math Tutors to English teachers, all of them can use Frizi to build a successful online business.
How to market my business with Frizi??
Frizi has designed a brilliant structure that gives you leverage on SEO and Viral marketing. Also, Frizi will help you through all channels of advertisement with the minimum price.
Why should I choose Frizi over other site builders?
Frizi is not a site builder; It's a specific solution that makes service-based businesses grow very fast. It contains a very high-quality website, various kinds of marketing services, and dedicated business mentoring.
Why Businesses Choose Frizi for Their service business??
Frizi has designed the best structure for service entrepreneurs to start and grow their businesses at the maximum pace. Frizi will be your business partner and will lead you to the next level of interaction.
Should I have any technical skills to have a Frizi website?
Not at all. Frizi team is right there for you. It would be best if you focus on your part, providing good services to the clients.
How fast can I have my online institution?
24 Hours. Frizi is a very fast and easy to use solution. You will choose your brand and story; then, Frizi makes it possible for you.

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